The different phases of the film

We work on each piece of the puzzle of a film



Start the project from scratch. Sometimes the film comes from the idea, but other times you have to give shape to a concept through the script. This creative process is essential.


In this part tasks are also diverse: Production, actors direction, cinematography, lighting, sound. Some films are very structured, others closer to uncertainty (to chaos).


The art of cooking after the shoot. Long experience in editing but each project still hides its own path that has to be found. When the film has been edited, it is time for the final retouching, color-grading and post-production.

Film By Monster

In its broadest term, digital content refers to data (video, written, information) that can be viewed.

On a digital platform. Within the spectrum of filmmaking, digital content refers to the variety of film or video content generated for specific online use. Content is what is said, form is how it's said. So, content would be things like characters, dialogue, themes, symbols, etc. Form would be how those things are presented - camera movement, pacing, editing, plot structure, etc.


What they say about my work....

What they say about my work....

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For telling with very few elements, the history of human philosophy and ethics. If in thirty seconds you can learn more than in several years of libraries and universities.

- Bigas Luna, Film director (1945.2013)