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Beñat Fontaneda

While studying Economics at University I discovered that my true vocation was filmmaking. It probably always had been, but it was then that I decided to hit the road.

I finished my degree and have been studying audiovisuals ever since. In the 20 years that have passed I have been non-stop film-making: video clips, short films, commercials, documentaries, reports, video creations, television programs... One of my passions is investigating the audiovisual language. Still studying the orthodox ways whilst trying to find new ways to express ideas and emotions through images, movement and sound. Some assignments require little creativity, yet there is always something to learn in the process. Most rewarding are the projects that are born from pure research or from pleasure and others from the learning gained from sharing and creating in teamwork.


If I had to choose two people, I look upon Segundo de Chomón and Michel Gondry… and on those I have yet to meet.